Event description

The Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors will hold its annual conference October 22-25 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Freedom and Accountability in todays news:  Free and fair is not fake

In a year of unprecedented challenges to news media and its reputation, the role of our members has never been more crucial.   How should Public and Standards Editors and Ombudsmen function in a time when facts seem to have lost their value?  What pressures do social media bring to bear in the conduct of our jobs and the expectations of our audience?  What does ethical journalism look like in this environment and what is our role in preserving it?

We are interested in your feedback – what do you want to talk about?  What are the challenges you face?  Please let Executive Director Esther Enkin know at execdir@newsombudsmen.org

Please check back as we develop an agenda, and provide more information on venues and accommodation and develop the website conference page.

Register for this conference at:  http://newsombudsmen.org/conferences